Community Roots

Our mission is to provide herbal medicine as well as health and wellness education to marginalized communities in the Atlanta area.We came together as a collective of queer and trans friends, comprised of herbalists and individuals dedicated to healing justice.

We are passionate about providing community herbal clinics, because they create options outside of the medical industrial complex/western medical system that often provides inadequate and sometimes harmful care for communities of color, queer and trans people, low-income people, people with disabilities, and neuro-atypical people. Given the barriers to healthcare and wellness that many experience, we aim to provide dignified, inclusive, and competent holistic care in our clinics. Herbalism helps us to replenish ourselves with the plant medicine that is under our feet, constantly surrounding us. Using plants and food as medicine can help us prevent many of the illnesses we develop and address many of the illnesses we deal with. Therefore, herbalism can offer accessible opportunities for care, so that we don’t have to rely exclusively on doctors and hospitals for our well-being.

Our current focus is a once a month pop-up free clinic at Lost-N-Found, a center that provides resources to queer youth without housing. At each free-clinic, we provide herbal education resources, one-on-one consultations with one of our herbalists, we dispense herbal medicine (in the form of tinctures, pills, teas, salves, etc.), and offer an herbal tea blend and a hot meal for the youth and volunteers. In addition to clinics, we stock a Self-Care Station with vitamins and herbal remedies that’s left at the center and available for people to access at any time. We hope to provide additional clinics and expand herbal healthcare access to more locations and people in the future. Contact us if you would like us to pop up at one of your events!

We aim to empower those we work with and our collective members through education about herbalism, healing, and wellness. A few ways we share and disseminate knowledge is via teaching while consulting with those seeking health advice, group study and sharing of information, and through community outreach and social media.