Our Mission

AROMA (Activists Recruiting, Organizing, and Mentoring in Atlanta) is an organization that aims to systematically recruit, cultivate, and embolden new activists for social justice movements and organizations in metro-Atlanta. We want to intentionally find and nurture new leaders, as well as support existing leaders, build intentional community, and foster solidarity between existing groups.

AROMA seeks to accomplish this mission by:

  • Maintaining a guide and directory of social justice groups and organizations in metro-Atlanta;
  • Inviting teachers, counselors, pastors, faith leaders, and other community leaders to share our information with their networks;
  • Supporting and encouraging people new to the movement;
  • Offering “entry point” events, such as monthly activist meet-and-greets, as a tailored way for interested people to get their social justice feet wet; and
  • Providing or facilitating training for people to learn and develop necessary organizing skills and analysis for popular movements, so everyone can be a leader.