The Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda

The Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda (GCPA) is an advocacy organization that is made up of three components:

The People — those individuals interested in our purpose towards a better government, quality education and civil justice.
The Agenda — a growing list of political, economic, and racial concerns voiced by the people with an emphasis on justice.
The Coalition— an organized group of representatives from all of the major civil rights, human rights, peace and justice organizations, and concerned citizens of the State of Georgia.

Our Mission:
• To improve the quality of governance in Georgia
• To help create a more informed and active electorate
• To have responsive and accountable elected officials

Voter Empowerment Crusade:
Our voter empowerment crusade is comprised of:
• Voter registration with emphasis on education and mobilization.
• Our Evaluation Sheet (responses to questionnaire from candidates) gives voters insight on where candidates stand on issues.
• Our Town Hall meetings and Candidate forums provide valuable information and exchange as well as holds candidates’ accountable.
• Our Get Out the Vote Campaign is used in central locations throughout assigned geographic regions of the state to achieve mass voter turnout.
• Our Election Protection Project informs voters of their rights and provides immediate relief when problems are encountered.
• Our Vote Connection Center provides training and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations and individuals through effective issue campaign organizing and civic engagement.

Join our crusade to make a difference!