Southern Truth and Reconciliation

Mission & Vision
STAR Mission
To bring healing, restoration, justice, and unity to communities and organizations adversely affected by divisive issues and events, particularly where those divisions involve race and/or violence.

STAR Vision
Truth and reconciliation NOW calls communities and organizations to engage in restorative justice processes that resolve issues of race and violence through both truth telling and trust building.

Dedicated Nonprofit Promoting Best Practices for Restorative Justice
Southern Truth and Reconciliation welcomes today’s challenges and opportunities to promote reconciliation, equity and social change where a legacy of racial violence continues to impair community relations, undermine fairness and honor, and complicate civic affairs.

We believe that leaders who create positive, memorable, and affirmative connections between past and present are more likely to leverage their community’s legacy and reclaim its future.

Our approach to social justice invites all stakeholders to full participation in community building through truth-telling and trust building.

Expert Consulting to Advance Equity and Justice

STAR assists communities by providing consulting and networking services to facilitate racial reconciliation.

STAR customizes truth commission approaches so that truth-telling and trust building processes can be adapted by local communities.

The community context or organizational profile helps provide the criteria for best practices via a menu of options that leads to next steps for community organizing and organizational change.

Through STAR’s Restorative Justice Process – RJP

We provide consultation and networking services for communities through a Restorative Justice Process that is adapted for each community or organization.

Our approach to issues of justice and equity focuses on restoring all stakeholders to full participation in community building or organizational operations through truthtelling and trust building practices for all participants.