May 1 Int’l Workers Day – the Struggle for Equality & Justice: the Power at the Point of Production

April 29, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm America/New York Timezone

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Saturday, May 1 is International Workers Day — May Day! All over the world the day is celebrated, often with mass strikes in capitalist countries. It is a paid holiday in every socialist country. May Day is also an opportunity for the working class to assess its position in the world, how it has advanced and/or suffered setbacks.

This year’s May Day comes less than a month after we learned the results of a union representation vote at Amazon in Bessemer, Alabama. After a massive and vicious union-busting campaign by the hated Jeff Bezos and the country’s second-biggest corporation, pro-union workers lost the vote. But their effort has sparked a renewed drive to organize the unorganized.

Workers World Party’s Labor Fraction is hosting a May Day webinar to discuss a number of questions facing the working class and oppressed. What is the way forward for worker organizing? What is the PRO Act and how can we win it? We need unions — but are they enough? What are workers’ assemblies and why is this a necessary organizational formation? How is every issue — including the ongoing fight against racist police terror — a working class issue?

Speakers include:
Monica Moorehead: Workers World managing editor; editor, Marxism, Reparations and the Black Freedom Struggle; co-coordinator of International Working Women’s Coalition (NYC)

Ed Childs: Former organizer and chief-steward for UNITE-HERE and SEIU. He has represented working class delegations to Cuba, Iraq and Vietnam.

Makasi Motema (he/him) is an organizer and contributing editor for Workers World.

Martha Grevatt is a long-time union activist who served on the executive boards of UAW Locals 122 and 869 and Pride at Work, the AFL-CIO’s LGBTQ+ Constituency Group. She is a managing editor of Workers World.

Romeo Channer (Ze/hir) is a WWP candidate from Berkeley, CA. Ze is currently studying education at Mills college, and participating in mutual aid and anti-displacement work at People’s Park, a historic site of community resistance and state violence.

Mahoma Lopez (he/him) is the Co-executive Director of the Laundry Workers Center. He is an immigrant worker from México who has bee living in this country for 22 years. He decided to organize because he was a victim of labor exploitation.

Larry Holmes (he/him) is the First Secretary of Workers World Party.

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