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A community of artists who inspire social change through art & music.

We create live showcases featuring talented local artists who are committed to using music as a catalyst for positive change in their communities and the world.

We connect music lovers and professionals through our free Networking Happy Hour Event. Guests enjoy lively music, food & drink, and participate in a live panel discussion highlighting social issues.

We care about our youth and believe in inspiring the next generation. We entertain and educate students at local public and charter schools through a action packed assembly program about the power of music.

Joshua Dingle, founder of Music Makes Me Happy could not speak between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. A severe stuttering disorder left him unable to communicate with anyone. He literally had to write things down to get his thoughts across. Joshua’s parents and teachers tried putting him in every speech therapy class they could find and nothing ever worked…yet. A non-social 12 year old with extreme low self-esteem, he figured this speech impediment was apart of who he was…until he was introduced to music and theater arts. Within one year of studying acting and music, Joshua’s speech was near perfect. Today, the Philadelphia born speaker and creative has been blessed to have spoken in front of hundreds of people across the world on topics such as personal development, art, and activism.
“Music played a big part in helping me discover where the speech impediment came from. I realized that I didn’t have a speaking disorder but a thinking disorder. I learned that my communication issues stemmed from a lack of confidence, low self-esteem and how I saw myself. Music helped me to express myself, grow in self-esteem and played a huge part in my personal development. In the same way music help me discover and solve personal issues, I believe it can do the same in our communities and inspire change in others.”

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