Rising Rebellion: Does Protest Work?

October 27, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Martin Luther king jr Recreation and Aquatic Center

“Don’t depend on our leaders to do what needs to be done, because whenever the government has done anything to bring about change, it’s done so only because it’s been pushed and prodded by social movements, by ordinary people organizing.” — Howard Zinn

What is the basic purpose of a protest?

The basic purpose of a protest is just to stand against something. It’s more choosing a side or a ceremony than a fight. One person could make an effective protest in some scenario, if they can make themselves heard or somehow known to other people. It doesn’t even have to be many.

Climate change, inequality, gun violence, immigration reform; all current issues compelling people to take to the street, or engage in other simpler expressions of protests.

Throughout history, even in moments of total despair, when repressive and racist forces have held the reins of power, popular resistance has broken through oppression, even made progressive gains. Social movements have overthrown dictators and military juntas. Across the globe, in hundreds of countries, they have fought back against corporate or theocratic power in the name of individual freedom and social justice. And they have won.

Ethical Humanists of Atlanta will discuss the impact of protest and social movements at our next meeting. Come join us.




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