AROMA Member Work Session

June 13, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Java Lords

We will be checking in on the tasks from last month and continuing to work on AROMA 2019 goals.

New to AROMA? Interested in joining? Haven’t been around for awhile? You will be welcomed and appreciated to join us!

AROMA 2019 Goals:

New Activist Program:
Create a process for new activist education and engagement with goal of establishing a “program” by the end of 2019. (contact Misty)

AROMA Materials:
Create AROMA materials, like fliers or business cards, perhaps including non-English language materials as appropriate. (contact Kevin)

Political Education:
Providing political education at meet and greets, collaborating with partner organizations, adding resources on the site, and establishing a program around AROMA-wide political education. (contact La’Die/Guled)

Activist Calendar:
Improve and streamline the calendar so multiple members can approve events to keep the activist calendar up to date. (contact Guled)

Organize Directory:
Update, improve and streamline the directory so members can directly maintain it. Also, look to having the directory in other languages as appropriate. (contact Guled)

Meet & Greets:
Members can fully organize, promote, and run the meet and greets without the need for leadership (contact Misty).

Gwinnett Community Focus:
Support the project of expanding meet-n-greets in Gwinnett and possibly other locations. (contact Guled).