A-Tea-C: Tea and Talk with Apocalypse Training Collective!

May 27, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – May 27, 2020 @ 8:30 pm America/New York Timezone

Stay at home and grab a warm drink with us! Apocalypse Training Collective (ATC) is creating a space to hang out and chat about all things related to eco-justice/ecology, community building, queerness, survival, skill exchanges, dreaming/visioning and much more.

What to expect: a casual space to hangout, sip some tea, express your feels, share what’s on your mind and build connections with other like-minded folks.

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Meeting ID: 875 8700 6663

****** Please consider our principles and agreements before entering the space!*****


Collective Liberation
Decentralized Knowledge
Earth-Care, Animal-Care, People-Care
Anti-oppressive, Anti-capitalist
Queer centered, led, focused
Community-centered work
Connection to/respect for the land/natural world
Need principles for how we communicate with each other


1. Make Space, Take Space/ Move Up, Move Up – If you’re someone who speaks more, challenge yourself to take less space here. If you’re someone who speaks less, challenge yourself to speak more.

2. Practice “YES/AND” – Remember that multiple truths can be held at once. Practice listening and communicating in such a way that honors that reality continues multiple truths.

3. Value the process more than the outcomes – amb

4. Do your best to ask before offering advice. Assume others are knowledgeable about their own experiences.

5. Trust the people and they will become trustworthy – amb

6. Assume best intentions, take responsibility for your actions and address any harm.

7. Ask for what you need. Remember, boundaries are about communicating needs and protecting truth and health in yourself and others, not about controlling others.

8. Expect and practice brave and accountable space. There is no such thing as a “safe” space, but we can show up courageously, kindly and with self-responsibility.

9. Be mindful of and honor your personal limits.

10. Take breaks if you need to. Leave when you need to. Listen to your body.

11. Remember that conflict is a normal part of life and relating. Don’t be afraid to respectfully disagree with an idea. Disagreement and opposition is essential to community building and wisdom-building.

12. Stay Curious/”I Wonder” – stay curious and hold your assumptions about others loosely. Ask questions and avoid making accusations. Be curious about your own choices and the many possibilities for how you can show up.

We are willing to do our best to respond to any access needs that may come up in the space.

These community agreements are compiled and inspired from many sources, from organizers, facilitators/trainers, and community chaplains such as, but not limited to:

adrienne maree brown / Emergent Strategy
AORTA Collective / https://publiclab.org/system/images/photos/000/020/664/original/Aeorta_facilitation_resource_sheet.pdf
Sarah Schulman / Conflict is Not Abuse
Mia Mingus / Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (BATJC)
And a great multitude of others!