Emergency SB403 Action: Save Paper Ballots

March 14, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Paul D. Coverdell Building


How to survive the Voting Apocalypse…
💥Rule #2: DOUBLE TAP💥
You can’t trust anyone! You may think that a Senate Bill is dead (technically you know it was before you killed it), but one more round makes sure it is 100% dead! Much better odds if you ask me!
HELP US #KillTheBill and #SavePaperBallots for Georgia!

The future of paper ballots in Georgia is in trouble and it’s up to us to SAVE THEM!
We need your help more than ever! Citizen testimony will most likely be permitted and we need to have a tremendous amount of opposition to SB403!
Help us pack the house at Wednesday’s FULL committee hearing for this disaster of a bill!
(Coverdell Legislative Office Building, Room 406)

After 15 years of 100% UNVERIFIABLE touchscreen elections, Georgia lawmakers are now TERRIFYINGLY close to mandating NEW unverifiable elections systems for ANOTHER 15 years! We cannot let this happen! We must STOP Senate Bill 403!
#KillTheBill #SavePaperBallots

This is not a joke! Not a drill! We need MORE butts in seats before they pass this bill!