Atlanta #EndMoneyBail Ordinance Review

September 25, 2018 @ 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Atlanta City Hall


Join us on Tuesday, September 25th for a public forum that will be held in Committee Room 1 at 3pmEst at the Atlanta City Hall. The public forum is being held by the public safety committee to reflect on and get an assessment of the bail ordinance the city council passed earlier this week. Please read below for more context. Will you join us?

Context: (will try to keep it brief 🙂

Across the South and this country, people are in active resistance in the fight to dismantle the bail system. Consider this a report from the field as it relates to the ongoing struggle to end money bail in the city of Atlanta.

This year during Black History month, the city council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance to end money bail with full support from new Mayor, Kesha Lance-Bottoms. We said that their efforts was an entry point into the conversation. The ordinance was and is a starting place toward a much longer journey and vision that we have to end pre-trial detention and build the community controlled institutions we need to clean up the mess that mass incarceration has made.

We know that our families and communities have been destabilized by the war on the poor and working-class and the war on drugs. Our fight is both a political and spiritual one because our vision and goal is abolition. We are after a complete culture change and abolitionist reforms. We have been clear that a system that has taken literally centuries, to perfect will not be dismantled without divesting from cops, courts, and cages. You can’t change the policy without changing the spending habits. The city must invest in community based and controlled institutions. No single ordinance will do.

Since the passing of the ordinance, the SONG Hot n Ready campaign team has been court watching to witness how serious the city appointed judges and the solicitors have taken the passage of the ordinance. We plan to reveal our findings at the bail review meeting and it’s not looking pretty. It’s not all bad though, many people are no longer being held in the jail and have been offered return on recognizance (ROR) or signature bonds. We will also be calling for the money that has been save to be invested in a community-based support services and take pre-trial services from the courts all together. It’s an uphill journey ya’ll but we on our way!!

If you have been impacted by this or are pissed off and want to do something about it, please hit us up and join our campaign team! Come get you some of this work! We need you! If you are a scrappy queer that wants to join this political home
as a member hit us up!

Shout out to everyone who has been throwing down, showing up, sharing, volunteering and gettin’ in where ya fit in. Shout out to Women on the Rise as they lead the fight to close the city jail. Collectively we will kick the door down, and collectively we will pull the walls down!! Shout out to the brave warriors engaged in the #prisonstrike! Another world is possible family…

Until justice,